When a loved one passes away, please contact the parish office to make arrangements.  The Thomas More Ladies provide dinners following funerals at the request of the families.  Funeral Reading Selections are available below; please use these to begin the planning process.

Living Memorial Trust Fund

The Living Memorial Trust Fund is an opportunity to memorialize a deceased loved one or to honor a family member or friend while helping to ensure the well-being of St. Thomas More Parish.  For more information on the Living Memorial Trust Fund, see the  default brochure (190 KB) or contact the parish office!

Other Memorial Opportunities

Just like most everyone else, St. Thomas More has things that we desire to see happen, but that are not yet necessities.  These provide great opportunities for us to be blessed through memorials and special contributions.  Currently, some of these things are:  mysteries of the rosary plaques, pdf Msgr. Girard Memorial Prayer Garden (10.03 MB) , choir area renovation, and Parish Commons sound system.  If you would like more information about or would like to contribute towards any of these things, please contact the parish office.

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