Gantt 8/25/19

As we are starting a new year for Religious Education, I would like to invite anybody who would be interested in sharing their faith and volunteering their time with the children of St. Thomas More.  You don’t need to have any teaching experience because we learn together every week.

There are always two adults in each classroom, and I have already provided material for your lessons.  You will be amazed by all that you can learn from the children and all the children can learn from you.  This ministry is really fun, dynamic, and full of energy, so I believe that you will enjoy it.

Every grade has a theme which the children will learn from throughout the year.  We do service projects to support Neighbor to Neighbor, Catholic Charities, and the FIT Closet.  We teach the children to share their thoughts with God through prayer and to have the ability to listen and understand the Gospel.  We also prepare our second graders to receive two of the seven Sacraments: First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion.  This is so exciting for all the children, catechists, and parents.

So if you are interested in helping out, I would love to have you on our team!  Please don’t hesitate to contact me or the parish office if you have any questions.

God Bless!

~ Josefina Gantt, K-6 Coordinator

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