Coady 8/11/19

A word of explanation about the timeline of the installation of the walls.  They were supposed to be installed this spring, but the rains just wouldn’t stop and we couldn’t get the footings dug.  Since then, the work on Kimball has stalled us.  The walls will be transported on semi-trailers, which can’t make the turn into our property with the street torn up.  So, now we are looking at early September.

There will be nine walls: four double-sided walls close to the loggia and five single-sided walls closer to the Parish Commons.  There will be a total of 545 niches available.  These are available to people from the other two Catholic parishes as well.

This will be the only Catholic “cemetery” in Manhattan.  Catholics do not have to be buried in a Catholic cemetery, but it is a traditional practice.  If you have family members who have been buried at Sunset or Sunrise, there is no cause for concern.  At the time of their burial, part of the rite was the blessing of the grave.

One of the advantages of having the columbarium walls right on our property is that, after the funeral liturgy, the cremains can be carried directly to the niche in a procession of family and friends, followed immediately by the Rite of Committal.  This is becoming popular in urban parishes across the country.  Columbarium walls take up very little space and, therefore, provide an opportunity for burial right next to the church.

More information is available on our parish website.  To arrange for a niche, contact Amanda or Alysia at the parish office.

~ Fr. Frank Coady

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