Smith, R 5/26/19

Fr. Coady made me smile about a month ago. He was in our break room and had just peeled the foil top from a yogurt cup; then he licked the yogurt off the top! A newsworthy occurrence? Hardly. But it made me wish that more people could see that side of him. Fr. Coady can unintentionally seem very intimidating. The man is highly-educated, well-traveled, experienced, sophisticated, a gifted author, a skilled orator, a gourmet cook, and connoisseur (I had to look that word up) of fine food, art, music, and all things that “classy” people understand that I pretty much don’t. HOWEVER, Fr. Coady is also a humble farm kid from Russell. He is kind, gentle, generous, does not take himself too seriously, and appreciates a corny joke or a greasy cheeseburger. He is the first to admit when he makes a mistake and quick to point out when his homilies aren’t up to par. (His words, not mine!) He knows which utensil to use when dining with dignitaries, yet he is not too proud to lick yogurt from a foil top when snacking with coworkers. I encourage you to spend some informal time with Fr. Coady. Invite him to dinner with your family. You can serve filet mignon or greasy burgers; it won’t matter to him…as long as you have yogurt cups for dessert. :P

~ Rick Smith, Youth Minister

Side Menu Helper