Taking the Church to the Marginalized

Pope Francis has practiced what he like to call “synodality” in the church. It is the practice of calling occasional synods on specific topics, in which information is gathered from around the world; then representatives from various countries and various ministries meet in Rome to spend a week discussing the findings. At the end of those meetings, those gathered formalize recommendations to the Pope, who then offers a formal response. You might remember the two most recent synods: the Synod on the Family and the Synod on Youth.

The Pope has asked bishops’ conferences to practice this in their own countries. About a year ago, the U.S. Bishops had a meeting in Florida and asked each bishop to bring 6-12 people from his diocese. Salina Diocese sent seven. Over 30,000 people gathered. One suggestion that came out of that was that dioceses, and even parishes, practice this approach, genuinely listening to what people think.

The Parish Council and I are hosting a parish dialogue event on the evening of Sunday, June 9, at 5:30 p.m. All are invited. The theme will be “Taking the Church to the Marginalized.” The topics under discussion will be:

  • How do we follow Pope Francis’ call to take the Church to the marginalized?
  • In what different ways do people need to be evangelized, and what would it take to get them interested?

If those questions interest you, please consider one of two responses:

  1. Write your suggestions down and give them to me or a member of Parish Council.
  2. Come to the dialogue and participate in the discussion.

If this process proves to be fruitful, we might schedule future gatherings with different topics.

Current Parish Council Members:
Tim Hegarty (Chair), Ellen Brockson, Kevin Dhuyvetter, Rose Kreller, Rod McMullen, Patty Wamsley,
Christine Benne, Sarah Bradford, Bob Smith, Tamara Moes, Dcn Wayne Talbot

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