Smith, R 1/6/19

I invite you to look at the sequencing of hymns and songs in our Breaking Bread Missals. As you have probably noticed, we get new Breaking Breads at the beginning of each liturgical year at Advent. The first 241 pages are comprised of our weekly scripture readings. The next page (what would be page 242) no longer has page numbers but, rather, hymn/song numbers.

The first hymn/song is #38: O Come, O Come Emmanuel. (Don’t ask me what happened to hymn/song numbers 1-37.) It is very fitting that the first hymns of the new liturgical year are Advent songs. If you flip through the Advent songs, you eventually come to the Christmas season songs (e.g. #84 Joy to the World, #94 Away in a Manger, #95 Hark! The Herald Angels Sing). This leads us to Epiphany this weekend (e.g. #104 We Three Kings, #105 What Child is This). And before too long, we will reach the Lent hymns/songs (e.g. #113 With These Ashes, #126 Beyond the Days). Eventually, we get through the liturgical year and to songs of more generic praise and thanksgiving.

I’m not sure why I find it so intriguing that our hymns/songs are ordered in accord with our liturgical year. I guess it’s just fun to learn about our rich, DEEP traditions. There are SO MANY wonderful, INTENTIONAL aspects of our worship that have specifically developed and evolved over the centuries; all of which are to lead us to a place where we can worship and give thanks to God. We are blessed with tradition, AMEN!

~ Rick Smith, Youth Minister

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