Talbot 10/7/18

Wow! We had a great week with the mission talks by Dcn Harold Burke-Sivers. He brought a lot of energy and passion to his presentations. Whether or not you agree with his ideas, you had to admit that there definitely was a fire burning inside. Going to sleep during his talks was not an option. The work of the Evangelization Commission made a lot of this possible. It doesn’t just happen by calling him and waiting for him to come. Over a year ago, the commission discussed various options before coming up with his name. After some careful consideration, plans went into place to set the dates and topics for the mission. It took Father’s approval and the staff was kept informed. As the time got closer, marketing was emphasized with articles in the diocesan paper, our publications, and other churches’ bulletins. The group also worked with the Thomas More Ladies to provide treats every night in the Utopia Room after the talks. We had to work with Dcn Harold on selling his items, making people feel welcome every night, and seeing that childcare was offered. Let us thank the Evangelization Commission and the Thomas More Ladies for making all this possible and putting in the work to make it happen. The Evangelization Commission is made up of Fred Willich, Elizabeth Meagher, Bob Weber, Christy Shaheen, Cheryl Sigle, Dana Suther, Sarah Bradford, Brad Fagan, and Ellen Brockson. There were also members from the Parish Council that helped with various things during the mission and I thank them as well. I also thank the Thom’s Moms for giving us some of their leftover goodies from the bake sale for the receptions. I pray that the spirit of the mission will carry forth from here and the Holy Spirit will inspire new people to get excited about being Catholic!

~ Dcn Wayne Talbot

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