Watts 5/6/18

A few years ago, after the Religious Education year was over, Fr. Don and I were sitting in the break room discussing how the year had gone.  I remember telling him that there had been few problems and informed him of the many successes of the year.  I said to him, “But it was such a good year because I had such great catechists!”  Fr. Don started to laugh.  “What? I said.  He said, “Sherry, you say that EVERY year.”

Well, maybe I am guilty as charged, but that is only because it is true!  Each year, I get to work with devoted, faith-filled volunteers who show up prepared to make the Catholic faith interesting and relevant to our children.  They not only prepare lessons that inform our children about the teaching and traditions of our church, they oversee service projects that help others and at the same time teach our children about true joy.  The children learn that happiness is not the same as joy.  Happiness takes in and has a self-centeredness to it that joy transcends.  Joy goes out.  The experience of doing good for another, often involving self-sacrifice, is one of the greatest things we as humans can experience.  Our catechists live this by their example.  I am humbled by their dedication, creativity, and patience.

So, if you know someone who serves as a catechist in our program and has made a difference in the life of your child, grandchild, or just a child you know, please give them your heartfelt thanks.  Or better yet, consider volunteering for our program this fall!  Our catechists give the best gift of all to the children of St. Thomas More; they invite them into a living relationship with Jesus.

~ Sherry Watts, K-6 Coordinator

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