Talbot 8/18/19

The Annual Garage Sale is a huge undertaking led by the Knights of Columbus and Thomas More Ladies.  The amount of hours these folks give to make this happen is beyond comprehension.  The ladies spend hours organizing and pricing the items while the guys do a lot of grunt work picking up items and making sure people get what they want.  While it is a labor of love, it does a couple of important things for our people and our community.  It provides a tremendous service of affordable items for college students and others who may have limited incomes.  People are quite generous with what they donate and some really need what is available.  The money raised by this sale goes to various charities designated by these groups.  Some organizations that benefit include Shepherd’s Crossing, Catholic Charities, Habitat for Humanity, and many others.  The parishioners that volunteer and the people that donate make this possible.  An even greater benefit is the fellowship and cooperation that happen.  It is not all about the sweat and exhaustion, but there is a lot of fun and laughter that happen as well.  The parish community pulls together in a profound way and relationships grow even closer.  This event has been going on for a long time, and it amazes me every year how much sells.  Just when I thing it couldn’t be much bigger, it seems to do just that.  It doesn’t seem to faze the dedicated volunteers, though, who continue to give even more.  What a wonderful way for our parish to be of service to our community!  Thank you to all who make it possible!

~ Dcn Wayne Talbot

Coady 8/11/19

A word of explanation about the timeline of the installation of the walls.  They were supposed to be installed this spring, but the rains just wouldn’t stop and we couldn’t get the footings dug.  Since then, the work on Kimball has stalled us.  The walls will be transported on semi-trailers, which can’t make the turn into our property with the street torn up.  So, now we are looking at early September.

There will be nine walls: four double-sided walls close to the loggia and five single-sided walls closer to the Parish Commons.  There will be a total of 545 niches available.  These are available to people from the other two Catholic parishes as well.

This will be the only Catholic “cemetery” in Manhattan.  Catholics do not have to be buried in a Catholic cemetery, but it is a traditional practice.  If you have family members who have been buried at Sunset or Sunrise, there is no cause for concern.  At the time of their burial, part of the rite was the blessing of the grave.

One of the advantages of having the columbarium walls right on our property is that, after the funeral liturgy, the cremains can be carried directly to the niche in a procession of family and friends, followed immediately by the Rite of Committal.  This is becoming popular in urban parishes across the country.  Columbarium walls take up very little space and, therefore, provide an opportunity for burial right next to the church.

More information is available on our parish website.  To arrange for a niche, contact Amanda or Alysia at the parish office.

~ Fr. Frank Coady

Smith 8/4/19

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”  (Thomas Edison)  This quote makes me wonder how many miracles I see every day but don’t notice or appreciate.  One of our seminarians, Paul Flesher, recently told a group of high schoolers:  “God, the author of the universe, who is pure love and goodness, did not have to create you; God has no need for you to exist…but God DID create you, and that means that you are GOOD, and God loves you!”

Do we notice and appreciate the walking miracles all around us?  Jesus does.  In fact, if you were the only person on earth, Jesus would still lay down his life for you.  I think that makes you pretty special.

Go in peace, glorifying the Lord by your life!

~ Rick Smith, Youth Minister

Ochs 7/28/19

What a great summer it has been for me here at St. Thomas More!  I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for making me feel welcome and for supporting me throughout the summer.  I can’t believe it has already been almost two months since I came here, but that’s how time works, isn’t it?  I have been blessed a hundredfold by your generosity and kindness.  Specifically, I want to thank each of the staff members for their willingness to host me and find tasks for me to do that have helped me experience parish life in a very hands-on way.  The experiences I have had and the relationships I have made here this summer will no doubt benefit me greatly as I move forward in my path to the priesthood.  It is clear to me that St. Thomas More is a vibrant parish with many faithful people who are striving for holiness each and every day.  In a particular way, I want to thank Fr. Coady for all that he has done for me.  The conversations and interactions I have had with him have made me see how blessed St. Thomas More is to have a priest and person like him.  Again, I thank you all for a great summer.  Know that you are in my prayers.

~ Jesse Ochs, Seminarian

Gantt 7/21/19

As we celebrate Our Lady of Mount Carmel this month, July 16 to be exact, I would like to tell you a short story about when I was a little girl and why it makes me really happy to celebrate it.

When I was about 13 years old, my younger sister and two friends found Our Lady of Mount Carmel in a storage room in the church of my home town in Mexico.  It was so sad for us because it was in really bad shape, baby Jesus was missing a foot and part of his little nose, and Mary was missing a hand.  We talked to our priest at that time to get her fixed.  The church didn’t have money for that, so we decided to work and collect the money we needed to get her fixed.  We cleaned the storage room and put flowers and kneelers around her.  People started coming to see her and gave donations.  When we collected the amount needed, our priest took her to get fixed.  After the repair, we needed a place for them.  So a piece of land was donated to build a small church that bears her name.  Ever since that day, we celebrate her every year with a novena and a big celebration on July 16, bringing people from other places.

~ Josefina Gantt, K-6 Coordinator

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