The Salina Diocese ordained its first permanent deacons on January 3, 2009. The possible ministry of permanent deacons is almost limitless, but it centers around three areas: 1)service as an expression of charity, 2)the Word, 3)Sacrament. In addition to assisting the priest at Mass, proclaiming the Gospel, and preaching, deacons can pronounce blessings of various kinds, including Benediction with the Blessed Sacrament. They are also able to baptize and preside at marriages, parish vigils, and funerals without Masses. The role of deacons is limited only by imagination and sensitivity to the needs of God’s people. Deacons are ordained for the diocese and are assigned by the bishop. They can be assigned to parishes or to any specific ministry where the bishop discerns a need.

Deacon Buzz Harris
Deacon Larry Erpelding
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