“The Liturgy communicates a most profound reality:  who God is and who we are before God.  The celebration of the Eucharist is the Catholic church’s fullest and deepest statement of faith.  At the Eucharist, God’s people come together to hear the word of the Lord, to pray for the world’s needs, to praise God and give thanks for his creative and saving work, to receive Christ Jesus in communion and then to be sent forth in the Spirit as apostles of the Gospel.”    ©2016 by OCP

“The celebration of Mass is a corporate act, an act of the whole assembly gathered for worship. All the particular ministries serve this corporate function” (GIRM, no. 27). 

Coming forth from the Body of Christ, ministers of hospitality, Communion, lectoring, serving, music, bread baking, and art & environment are an important and intregal part of our worship here at St. Thomas More.  All members are encouraged to discern God’s call and to considering serving the faithful in one of these ministries.

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