St. Thomas More

St. Thomas MoreThomas More was born in England on February 6, 1478 to Sir John More, barrister-at-law and judge, and his wife, Agnes. He was educated at Canterbury College at Oxford. Thomas More did not feel called to the monastic life or diocesan priesthood, but followed the vocation of marriage. He was already a member of England’s Parliament at the time of his marriage in 1505.

Thomas was “a man for all seasons.” He was a literary scholar, eminent lawyer, Gentleman, father of four children, and Chancellor of England. Thomas was an intensely spiritual man who did not support Henry VIII’s divorce and attempt to become head of the Church of England. It was this ordeal that cost St. Thomas More his life when he was beheaded on June 6, 1535, at the age of 57.

The feast day of Saint Thomas More is on June 22.

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