Thomas More Ladies

ALL WOMEN of the parish are members of the St. Thomas More Ladies. There is no membership initiation and no dues are collected.

Objectives of St. Thomas More Ladies are to:

  • Support work assigned by our Reverend Pastor
  • Unite and promote friendship among women of the parish
  • Encourage women of the parish to participate in the life of the Church and to have pride in its care
  • Inform women of the parish of ecumenical action

Executive Officers

  • President - Jennifer Bauer
  • Vice President - Roni Deeds
  • Treasurer - Dionne Greif
  • Secretary - Nancy Hardy
  • Past President - Patricia (Trish) Cassinelli

Thomas More Ladies 12/16

Thomas More Ladies Meetings

Meeting Dates

August 28 

Ice Cream Social

Meeting benefit for Catholic Charities - see InforMore for more information

Rosary prayed at 6:30

Oct 2 - 6:45 - Cider and Fashion Scarves

Rosary prayed at 6:30

Meeting benefits the Crisis Center (please donate tooth brushes, mouth wash, body wash, baby lotion, baby shampoo, detergent, body wash, kleenex, toilet tissue, trash bags, food storage bags, etc.)

Dec 4 - Wine Tasting at Wine, Dive + Kitchen

February 5 - Golden Prairie Honey Farms/Transitioning Service Members

Rosary prayed at 6:30

April 2 - Fairy Gardens/ Herb Gardens

Rosary prayed at 6:30

May 7 - Salad Supper with Unanswered Prayers inspirational presentation



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