Smith, R 9/3/17

It’s football season!  Youth Ministry collects a $5 per car free-will donation for people choosing to park in our lot and walk to home KSU football games.  It’s a great fundraiser that helps support the youth of our parish.  We appreciate your patience and support!

One tricky aspect of parking is that K-State cannot set most kickoff times until only 7 days prior due to television schedules.  This can make it hard for all of us to plan and prepare!  Game times sometimes coincide with weddings, confessions, and 4:30 Mass.  Our RCPD officers wisely block off all traffic going toward the stadium at the end of games.  We appreciate your patience and support!

If you are coming to a wedding, confession, or Mass, you do NOT need to pay to park.  We never “force” anyone to pay; it is a free-will donation.  Just smile, wave, and drive on in; we don’t issue tickets or call a tow truck!  On certain occasions when game times have coincided with parish events (particularly weddings), we have actually considered NOT collecting a donation to park.  But we realized that many fans will likely park here anyway, so we may as well continue to collect donations, not only to realize revenue, but more importantly to monitor the lot and see that those parking for the parish event have priority.  We appreciate your patience and support!

Go cats!  Go STM!  Go Parking!

~ Rick Smith, Youth Minister

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