Talbot 8/13/17

There is something rewarding about giving of your time and talent to better a community.  It provides a sense of ownership in helping the overall energy and enthusiasm.  It inspires others to step forward and share a talent they may have.  The idea of stewardship is not new to our Catholic tradition.  Jesus called his disciples to move outside of their box and give of themselves in situations that were sometimes challenging.  When you give of yourself in whatever small way, it can give you a sense of purpose and direction.  You feel a certain sense of fulfillment because you are sharing a gift that God has given you.

I would like to name a few people that have done that over these past few years, because sometimes it is good to do so.  Recognizing these people will help us all appreciate the time they gave and what they provided in the continued growth and life of St. Thomas More.  Mr. Kevin Roberts (Finance Council) and Mr. Eric Zenk (Parish Council) have recently concluded their terms.  They shared their experience, provided needed energy, and worked hands-on with many projects over the past few years.  Both men are in the Knights of Columbus and will continue to do good things.  Mr. Bill and Mrs. Faye Kennedy, along with Mr. Fred and Mrs. Lorraine Willich, were instrumental in the capital campaign that saw us grow from a one building campus to multiple building campus by adding the Parish Commons and the Rectory.  These folks provided the leadership to get the campaign going and keep it going to a place where we can now say that we are debt-free!  Mr. Larry Brockson provided some coordination to the RCIA process at a time when my involvement in the parish evolved.  He was a willing person, ready to take on the challenge of organizing the many events, sessions, and other items associated with this important ministry.  For that I am grateful.

Please join me in thanking these folks who gave untold hours in stewardship to bring this parish to another level.  Talk to them sometime.  They will tell you what it means to share the talents God has given.  No matter how small you think your gift is, it can make a difference!  Thank you to all who give so much to our parish and go unmentioned.  Believe me, we know who you are and we appreciate your sacrifices.

~ Dcn Wayne Talbot

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