Hammeke 7/30/17

Last week, Totus Tuus was here is our parish.  There were plenty of great moments.  We had some competitive games of Knockout (basketball) in which I routinely lost to kids less than half my size.  Seminarian Brian McCaffrey was playing as well and, at one point, a kid who was not involved in the game ran by and threw a Nerf football directly off his forehead and kept running.  Brian then shot an air ball and we laughed hard for a long time.  The kids seemed to learn quite a bit in the classroom.  The middle school and high school students seemed to bond with each other well.  Of course, Sherry Watts kept everything running smoothly.  Mass each day was special.  I kept thinking about the scene in Matthew’s Gospel where Jesus tells the disciples to let the children come to him.  There we were at Mass each day with children like those form the Gospel and they came to him.  As they sang on their way up to communion each day, I thought about how pleasing this must be to the Lord.  There was an innocence and a trust about them that Jesus referred to when he said “the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”  We didn’t correct the kid who threw the football off Brian’s forehead, but I know he would have listened if we had.  The trust they had in the Totus Tuus team and that they have in their parents is a trust we can learn from in our own trust in God.  We might stray, but we trust that God continues to love us, that he forgives us when we seek reconciliation, and that he will show us the way to overcome our sins and grow closer to him.

~ Dcn Andy Hammeke

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