Talbot 4/16/17

He is Risen!  The Church, throughout the world, celebrates this glorious day, and even extends it for eight days.  All the things you gave up for Lent are brought back now…hold it!  Why did you do those things?  Well, I wanted to do something for Lent so I had to make some sacrifice.  But why did you make the sacrifice?  The reason we do them is to demonstrate our unity with the sacrifice that Jesus made.  To practice giving something up is supposed to create a new way of living that brings us ever closer to Christ.  So maybe instead of just going back to the same old habits, try and continue doing the good for the sake of your faith in Christ and one another.

Another Easter point:  What is your tomb?  One of my tombs is to get discouraged when I hear about the bombings, shootings, and violence on the news.  The tomb holds us back from a full relationship with Christ.  We are, in a way, dead…spiritually, physically, emotionally.  Now I have watched all the Jesus movies and have seen countless artists portray the Resurrection.  It is interesting, but I know it needs to be more than that.  I have also witnessed brothers and sisters in the faith rise from their terrible tombs.  And that is a powerful witness and statement to the truth of coming forth from the dead.  A cancer patient who moves from not dealing with the impending situation to an acceptance…how peaceful they are when Christ takes them home!  A divorced person who goes through the emotional roller coaster of rejection, anger, loss, etc., to a place of healing within themselves and with their ex-spouse…that is a tomb they burst forth from and find a new life!  The person who loses a job and is discouraged, beaten down, and at a loss for what the future holds turning to a radical trust in God…somehow finding security and consolation (maybe even fulfilling employment)!  I have seen people go through all of these and that gives me hope that Jesus’ resurrection is as real today as it was 2,000 years ago.  There are tombs in all our lives where our death can be difficult, but as Jesus demonstrated, those tombs cannot compare to the power of the Way, the Truth, and the Life.  Today, let us entrust our tombs to God and believe that Life is more powerful than death.

Happy Easter!

~ Dcn Wayne Talbot

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