Coady 4/9/17

We are running out of intentions for Masses in the parish.  This means that, in the future, you may see in the bulletin next to a daily Mass: “unassigned.”  This simply means that there is no designated intention for that Mass.

Mass intentions refer to the priest who is presiding at that Liturgy.  It means that someone has requested that he offer that Mass for a specific intention.  Those intentions are announced before the Masses begin so that others may join their prayers to that intention as well.  The priest, however, is the only one who has committed himself to offer that intention.  Other participants are always free to offer the Mass for whatever intention they wish.

Masses may be offered for any intention, including the repose of the soul of a loved one.  If you wish to request a Mass intention, please contact Alysia at the parish office.  The suggested donation is $10, but you are, of course, not required to donate anything.  These donations go to the priest who offers the Mass, and it contributes to his support.

~ Fr. Frank Coady

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