Development Director


Greetings...I am happy to announce I have been selected as the New Development Director for Manhattan Catholic Schools.  I have fond memories of being a student at Seven Dolors and Luckey High School.  I believe children are precious and very impressionable.  My life would not be the same if I had not had the Catholic Educational Foundation that my parents believed in.  My parents worked very hard for my 6 siblings and myself to attend Seven Dolors and Luckey High School.  My husband Fred and I are members of St. Thomas More.  We are both involved in various committees in our parish and love being involved in activities with our Catholic Family at all of the parishes in Manhattan and Ogden.  We recently helped to host a LOTW retreat and had members from all of the parishes in attendance.  The retreat was a reminder that we all have God given talents that we are to use on our journey in the faith to love, support and celebrate with our fellow Catholic family members.  I know with the generosity, helping hands, loving hearts, and the Power of God through our prayers the children of Manhattan Catholic Schools will continue to achieve academic excellence in a loving, faith filled environment.  I look forward to serving the Manhattan Community in the position as development director of the Manhattan Catholic Schools. Please reach out to me to ask any questions or to offer help or suggestions.  Thank you and God bless you!

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