Talbot 2/5/17

The Women’s Spirituality Conference has taken place in Manhattan for several years now and has brought in some very good speakers.  I would say the speaker they have chosen for this year is one of the best.  Sr. Edith Prendergast is a Religious Sister of Charity who was born in Ireland.  She entered religious life in1959 and undertook studies in theology.  She served as director of the Office of Religious Education at the Archdiocese of Los Angeles for more than 25 years.  It was in that capacity that Sr. Edith directed what is known as the Religious Education Congress, which gathers almost 40,000 participants annually in Anaheim, CA.  Several of our staff have attended (along with a few folks from our diocese) and have come back inspired.  Sr. Edith usually gave the opening address at every congress and delivered a message of enthusiasm for those gathered.  She was one of the first non-clerical people to hold a Director of Religious Education ministry in a U.S. diocese.  Her energy and passion for the formation and ongoing education of youth and adults brought some very notable Catholic speakers to the congress.  I have to say that the organization that moved that many people effectively over the course of three days was incredible.  You could tell that she loved the richness and diversity of Catholicism and wanted to share that with all the participants.  It is a tremendous privilege that our women’s group landed a speaker with such loaded talent and background.  I believe it speaks to the way this local women’s spirituality conference has grown.  Please take advantage of this opportunity to hear and experience a passionate woman of faith.  The ladies who plan this event spend many hours organizing it to make it happen.  Let us welcome Sr. Edith Prendergast by filling up the Utopia Room to take advantage of her wisdom and insight.

~ Dcn Wayne Talbot

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