Talbot 4/15/18

This weekend’s Gospel reminds me how the resurrection was a very bodily experience.  Jesus goes out of his way to demonstrate that to the disciples.  He comments that his risen body has flesh and bones.  Then, he even eats in front of them.  In our world, we sometimes like to separate the body and spirit.  We are told that our bodies need to look and be a certain way to be ideal.  It creates a sense of shame when we don’t live up to those unrealistic images.  As we get older, our physical appearance changes, but our society spends so much time telling us how to reverse the aging process.  The Risen Jesus has his wounds even in the glorified body.  This tells me to accept my own wounds, sufferings, and scars because God uses those things and transforms them.  God accepts my body, in all its imperfections, and so should I.  I glorify God through the temple of my body.  We spend time during Lent doing practices that control the desires of the body.  We do this to show our detachment form the tings of this world.  What we do with our body affects our spirit.  If the body is a temple of the Spirit, then my bodily witness to the Good News ought to express that.  For those who have illnesses that have changed their appearance, for those who struggle with weight, and for those who don’t like the way they look, Jesus has something to say…”Put your hands into my side, see the wounds in my hands and feet, and see that I have flesh and bones.”  Your body is God’s gift to you and you will carry that with you into eternity.  Rejoice in the body and proclaim the Good News with your whole being, body and spirit.

~ Dcn Wayne Talbot

Side Menu Helper