To register for VIRTUS training & background check:

If you are first time user, go to "first time registrant" and select Salina Diocese.

Detailed instructions can be found pdf here (525 KB).


All adult volunteers, catechists, & parent chaperones

need to fill out the NEW pdf Form A (57 KB)

Please return to Parish Office or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



    If you do not see the answer to your question, please contact Alysia Baumann at 776-5151 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

  • Does the old seminar still count or do I need to do the VIRTUS training?

    The old seminar is sufficient until your background check needs to be renewed. At which time, you will be asked to do the VIRTUS training as well as the Background Check form.

  • I did my background check before for the Salina Diocese, why do I have to do it again?

    In the past, every 5 years your background check was automatically renewed if you were still an active volunteer in St. Thomas More programs involving children or youth. Since the diocese changed to a new system, you now need to do the online forms to renew every 5 years.

    When you get to the question:

    Unless otherwise directed, in whatever role you serve in your Parish, School, or Diocese, you are required to submit a background check through the Diocese of Salina."

    Please answer " I need to complete a background check "
    Select your preferred training language, click SUBMIT then click

  • I did my background check in another diocese. Do I need to do it again for Salina Diocese?

    Please call the Parish Office (776-5151). Background checks from other dioceses are accepted on a case by case basis.  If it has been more than five years since your last background check, you will have to do the 'paperwork' for a new background check with the Salina Diocese.

  • I cannot tell if I have completed my background check.

    If you have completed the background check you should receive an email confirmation with a copy of your DISCLOSURE, AUTHORIZATION, AND CONSENT FOR RELEASE OF BACKGROUND INFORMATION form. The email will come from: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . You may have to check your Spam folder for this email. If you have received this email you are done with the background check submission! The diocese will notify us in a week or so whether you have been cleared. You will also receive an email notifying you of the completion of your background check and information to access your report.

  • I completed the VIRTUS but didn't see the paperwork for a background check, can I go back to do that?

    YES! You should have received an email that saying "if you have completed your background check then disregard this email if you still need to complete your background check please following these instructions..." This email will include a LINK that you will have to use to get back to the forms for the background check. This link is only good for 7 days. If you do not complete your background check in this time period you will need to contact Alysia Baumann (776-5151) and she will have the Diocese 'push a background check prompt'. What does that mean? Once the

  • Why isn't it working? I am trying to do the training on my mobile device.

    You will need to do this on a computer for this to work. Please make sure you allow pop-ups.

  • I completed the training and quiz but I didn't see the option to print my VIRTUS certificate, now what?


    You are almost done.  When you see this screen YOU ARE NOT DONE yet!

    Close this SCREEN (not the web browser) and you should see a button to print certificate. 

    If you do accidentally close the web browser--don't panic.  Go to VIRTUS website, sign in again and you can resume from where you left off.  If you do not get to the certificate and do not return after a week, you will have to start over the training.  


  • I received a strange email from the Salina Diocese. Is it legitimate?

    An email from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with a Subject: Catholic Diocese of Salina - Time Sensitive Instructions is an email 'invite' to complete your background check. The links in the email do expire (see the expiration date at the beginning of the email message) so please complete as soon as possible.

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